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Bonobo JTAG/SWD Debug Cable

iPhone debugging requires proper tools. The Bonobo cable connects to your target through Lightning and allows CPU debugging through JTAG/SWD using OpenOCD + AArch64 GDB. Among others, you can: access all CPUs and registers, single step, put hardware breakpoints, dump memory, etc… Perfect for security research.

The target serial console can be accessed on the control PC through Minicom (iBoot prompt), as well as Lightning USB (For DFU, USB exploitation, etc.)




  • FPGA Chipset: Xilinx Spartan6 XC6SLX16
  • Microcontroller: STM32F723
  • USB HighSpeed Hub
  • Serial + JTAG interfaces: Hi-Speed Quad USB UART FTDI FT4232H
  • Lightning connector
  • User Interfaces: 2x RBG LEDs


On the target side (through the Lightning tip):

  • Lightning SWD on ACC_ID/ACC_PWR wires.
  • Lightning Serial (For iBoot console, etc.).
  • Lightning USB (For DFU, …).
  • Lightning ACC_ID sequence (As debug accessory).
  • Lightning Power (For charging or if the target does not have a battery)

On the control side (through USB connector):

  • OpenOCD (With Open Source Bonobo driver patch)
    • ARMv8 / ADIv5
    • Support SWD commands queue
    • Support target board reset
  • GDB (AArch64)
    • Connects to OpenOCD
    • For Registers access, Hardware breakpoints, Instruction stepping, R/W memory, etc.

Use case

Supported versions:

Bonoboipwndfu (demote)
* iPhone 5 / A6YesYes
* iPhone 6 / A8YesYes
* iPhone 6s / A9YesYes
* iPhone 7 / A10YesYes
* iPhone 8 / A11YesYes
* iPhone XR / A12YesNo

Hardware Architecture

Gateware & Firmware

The FPGA and STM32 come pre-flashed with a custom Gateware and Firmware, ready to be used with our open-source OpenOCD driver.

Quick Start

1. Get OpenOCD + Bonobo patch

Configure and build:

git clone
cd openocd
./configure --enable-bonobo --disable-werror
make -j
make install

2. Get GDB Aarch64

Get aarch64-linux-gnu-gdb from your distribution package manager.

3. Get iPhone configuration files

Get the configuration file for iPhone. Depending on your target:

4. Demote your iDevice

5. Run OpenOCD

Plug the phone and run:

$ openocd -f openocd-iphone-7.cfg


$ openocd -f openocd-iphone-xr.cfg

At that stage, OpenOCD should have attached to your phone using Bonobo. More details

5. Attach with GDB

$ aarch64-linux-gnu-gdb

(gdb) target remote :3333
0x0000000100000508 in ?? ()

More details


Note: To be able to use this cable, the target system (iPhone) must be demoted to allow JTAG/SWD thanks to @axi0mX.

For full details on using the Bonobo cable refer to the blog article

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