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PCIe Screamer (R01 & R02)

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Features & Specifications

  • FPGA Chipset: Xilinx 7 Series XC7A35T
  • Memory:
    • 4Gb DDR3 DRAM MT41K256
    • 256Mb SPI Flash for FPGA self-configuration
  • USB Chipset: USB 3.0 FTDI FT601
  • PCIe Bandwidth: PCIe x1 Gen 2.0: 5GT/s
  • System Clock: Frequency: 100 MHz
  • User Interfaces:
    • 2 x LED
    • 2 x push button
  • Serial Interface: USB to UART FTDI FT232
  • JTAG: 6 pins JTAG connector for FPGA programming
  • Input Voltage: 12V from PCIe or from external supply
  • GPIO: 2 pins + GND
  • Dimensions: 130 mm x 110 mm x 12 mm

Hardware revisions

  • R02:
    • PCIe lanes routing has been improved with better differential pairs impedance and length matching.
    • Better PCIe signal stability.
    • Existing software and gateware are fully compatible with this new version.


  • SW1: FPGA Program/Reset
  • SW3: User Button
  • SW4: User Button


  • LD1: User Led (Green)
  • LD2: User Led (Green)
  • LD3: FPGA Prog Done (Green)
  • LD4: Power Good (Red)

Quick Start

1. Select power source:

  • For PCIe power supply, put the jumper on the left position.
  • For External supply via jack CN4, put the jumper on the right position. Input voltage: 5V to 15V max.

When the power supply is stable, the LED LD4 will be red.

2. Select Boot mode (R01 only)

SW2 selects the FPGA bootmode. Set it to Master SPI:

  • 1: ON
  • 2: OFF
  • 3: OFF

Once booted, FPGA prog done LED LD3 will be green.

Gateware & Software


As an alternative you can use the PCIe Injector gateware:

PCIeInjector precompiled versions:

Program the SPI Flash

Refer to the SPI Flash Programming section of JTAG+Serial Programmer for detailed instructions.

In short:

1. Get the latest version of openocd from:

2. Get the proxy bitstream “bscan_spi_xc7a35t.bit” from:

3. Program the SPI Flash using this configuration file:

interface ftdi
ftdi_vid_pid 0x0403 0x6011
ftdi_channel 0
ftdi_layout_init 0x0098 0x008b
reset_config none
source [find cpld/xilinx-xc7.cfg]
source [find cpld/jtagspi.cfg]
adapter_khz 10000
proc fpga_program {} {
    global _CHIPNAME
    xc7_program $_CHIPNAME.tap
jtagspi_init 0 bscan_spi_xc7a35t.bit
jtagspi_program pcileech_top.bin 0x0
openocd -f flash_screamer.cfg


In case of programming error, refer to Troubleshooting

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