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   * FaceDancer-like attacks   * FaceDancer-like attacks
   * High Speed USB IP design...   * High Speed USB IP design...
 +==== Hardware vs Software sniffer ====
 +USB2Sniffer is a __hardware-based__ sniffer. This is different than a software-only sniffer (For ex. Wireshark):
 +**Software-only limitations:​**
 +  * Capture is done at a higher level (URB)
 +  * Depends on the host PC hardware USB controller
 +  * Can only monitor USB traffic from/to the host PC
 +**Hardware-based sniffer capabilities:​**
 +  * Capture is done at the wire level (DP/DM).
 +  * Ability to capture low level events such as: VBUS states, Speed negotiation Chirps, NAK or Incomplete transactions,​ PING, SPLIT, Start of Frames (SOF), errors, retransmissions,​ etc.
 +  * Non intrusive: ULPI PHY are set to passive (non driving, no pull-up, no pull-down) mode and have no effect on the monitored USB bus.
 +  * Accurate timings: each data byte or bus event is timestamped with a 60 MHz timestamp clock (16 ns precision)
 +  * Capture between any host/​device:​ a phone and its accessory, embedded systems, etc.
 ==== USB2 Sniffing ==== ==== USB2 Sniffing ====
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